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Uilenstede 346 Amstelveen Amstelveen Netherlands
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⚽️Tonight Live in Il Caffè: Der Klassiker🇩🇪🇳🇱 Kick-off 20.45 Nederlands Elftal - Germany. Live on our big screen!📺


Today we have burritos as sunday special. With chicken, rice and delicious pico de gallo. Served with fries. For only 7.50! 🤗 Take away is possible.😎


💃🕺Quizers, singers and dancers pay attention. Three main events coming up! 🤓🎙🤸‍ Check it at:


Let`s Goat Nuts!😍 It`s burgerwednesday again! We are very hiped by our special burger of this month. With delicious goat cheese, red onion, red berry compote and walnut. Today, with a beer of Jupiler, for only 11.50! Oh and tonight: Champions League! The big screen is ready at 21h00!⚽️


Today: Flammkuchen with Tiroler Bacon, Red Onion, Sundried Tomato and Cheese. For only 7.50! Veggie? No problem, we`ll make you a pumpkin one.🤗 Kitchen opens at 17.00!🍻


Champions League at Il Caffè, Live at our big screen!📺 Tonight 18h45 FC Barcelona - PSV


Tonight`s special: Nasi Goreng😍 For only 7.50, take-away is possible!


Tag your friend who really needs this sweater! In love with this sweater? Then you probably loves burgers too.😍 Come enjoy burger wednesday this evening at Il Caffe. We love to serve you a beer and burger for only 9.50.😉 ✅ All our meat is organic ⌚ Kitchen open at 5pm 📤 Take-away is possible


⛱Start tomorrow, enjoy our sunday special today😎. Tomorrow the academic year is starting. With mixed feelings we start our new courses. "Met frisse tegenzin" we call this in Dutch😉. To releave you from your frisse tegenzin, we invite you to celebrate the last day of your vacation on our terrace🌞! If you want to enjoy the whole summer experience today; our sunday special is indispensable. A Pita-sandwich with organic meatballs in tomato sauce👌. Served with a tomato, cucumber, cilantro salad & our delicious fries. Only 7,50...Jummy😋. See you in a bit!


Hungover and in need for something nice? All you need is Chilli Cheese Fries!👌 Fries with cheese and chili😎. We also have a vegetarian version. Only 7,50. Awesome with beer🤓 ✅All our meat is organic 🛄take-away is possible, just give us a call!


Lunchtime at Il Caffè!😏 Today we`re open for lunch, you`re welcome to try our Lebanese pork belly pita with a delicious salad and refreshing garlic yoghurt sauce! 🥙 Or try one of our other sandwiches! Starting at €4,- Need something to wake up?☕ Enjoy our delicious coffee varieties in the morning sun!🌞 See you in a bit! Lunch served till 16:30h Lunch to go? We`ll fix it! Coffee to go? Not a problem!


💪⚽️Wednesday is for sports, especially when it`s burgerwednesday. Discount on the burgers, beers on the side and we will host the return of AFC Ajax - SK Sturm Graz tonight🏆! Live and on the big screen! Tonight we even introduce our new burger: The Holy Guacamoly On a Brioche Bun with Guacamole, Cheese, Sour Cream, Pico de gallo and Nacho Crips. So no plans for tonight? Join us, enjoy one of our burgers and support Ajax!⚽ 🍔Burgers starting at 9.50 with a refreshing glass of Jupiler beer!🍺 -------------------------------------------- ✅All our meat is organic meat ⚽We are broadcasting on our big screen. 🕰️During the summer, we open at 4pm and close at 1am. 📸Follow us on instagram:


⚠️Sunday Special Alert!⚠️ 🌞These desert temperatures ask for some easy food, but easy doesn`t mean it can`t be tasteful. Check out this lovely mid eastern spiced dish!🤤 Chicken thigh slices marinated in pomegranate juice and baharat spices. We serve it on a pita with a refreshing mid eastern salad with tomato, spring onion, cucumber, lime juice and parsley. Top it off with a refreshing garlic-yoghurt mayo.🤩 Vegetarian is possible! Chicken will be replaced by falafel! Both will be served with fries! Don`t miss out this delicious special for only 7.50 euro!😱 Take away is possible! Kitchen opens at 5pm!


❤👉 Feeling like summer already? This Sunday`s special is a real classic: Fish & Chips Deepfried Redfish in beer batter, mushy peas an awesome ravigotte sauce and of course delicious fries. Only 7.50, take away is possible! ✔All our meat is organic. 🇧🇪 proud supporter of BELGIUM ⚽️ 10 July: Red Devils on the big screen


🌞 Mediterranean Feelings!🌞 Today is already wonderful! But with our special, you will experience the complete mediterranean feeling. The special: A tasting with a bulgur and goat cheese salad, some chicken legs and chakchouka! Only 7.50. Kitchen opens at 17.00h. Take away possible!


❤️🍔Burgers Wednesday: Johnny B. Goode & Russia 2018🍔❤️ The last burger wednesday where you can taste the Johnny B. Goode burger! Also, we`re broadcasting every match of the Russia 2018 Soccer World Championship on our big screen. So enjoy the matches on a comfortable couch, with a beer in your hand! 🍻🍔 All our meat is biological. Follow us at Instagram: @ilcaffeuilenstede


Wow!😗 Super Sunday Special. Today we have not a regular sunday special, but a Super Sunday Special. Tired of partying and in need for an energizer? Come by and order the `Mixed Grill` For only 7.50 we grill you a small burger, a piece of marinated chicken and a delicious jalapeño sausage. Served with home made coleslaw, fries and peanut sauce! Juicy🔥 ❗Limited portions available, only today. 🍺Try our beer of the month: Zonnegloed ✔ All our meat is biological 📤 Take-out is possible 🕰 Kitchen opens @ 17u00


Tired of partying at Open Air? Not keen on doing groceries? If no one else can help, maybe you can hire: The A-team! And the sunday special at Il Caffè. Chili-cheese-fries, also vegetarian! Only 7.50 Take-away also possible!


Wanted: Chouffy Dear abductor, We know you like our gnome friend. But we miss him. He needs a La Chouffe every hour and we are worried:(. We know who you guys are, thanks to our CCTV system and will give you an ultimatum: if we receive Chouffy back before 12h00 on monday, we will not get the police involved. After that we will hand over the images. Please, bring him home!


💕❤️🍔 Burgers & Pubquiz 🍔❤️💕-- Tonight at 21h30 we host our monthly pubquiz, come by! As usual on wednesday our burgers are in discount! Our special: `The Báhn Mì Burger` tonight, including a beer, for only 11 euro! Or choose a more simple burger with a beer for only 9,50. 🍻🍔 Follow us at Instagram: @ilcaffeuilenstede


Today`s sunday special: Fancy Fajitas The power is back on, but now it is raining. Don`t feel like cooking? Todays hangover food: Fajitas with bell-pepper, onion and chicken. For only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.


Today`s sunday special: Delicious Ramen With these temperatures it feels like Asia. So tonight our sunday special is Ramen. Noodles in a nice veggie-broth with herbs, spices and egg. Served with tofu or chicken! For only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.