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Uilenstede 346 Amstelveen Amstelveen Netherlands
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Champions League at Il Caffè, Live at our big screen!📺 Tonight 18h45 FC Barcelona - PSV


Tonight`s special: Nasi Goreng😍 For only 7.50, take-away is possible!


Tag your friend who really needs this sweater! In love with this sweater? Then you probably loves burgers too.😍 Come enjoy burger wednesday this evening at Il Caffe. We love to serve you a beer and burger for only 9.50.😉 ✅ All our meat is organic ⌚ Kitchen open at 5pm 📤 Take-away is possible


⛱Start tomorrow, enjoy our sunday special today😎. Tomorrow the academic year is starting. With mixed feelings we start our new courses. "Met frisse tegenzin" we call this in Dutch😉. To releave you from your frisse tegenzin, we invite you to celebrate the last day of your vacation on our terrace🌞! If you want to enjoy the whole summer experience today; our sunday special is indispensable. A Pita-sandwich with organic meatballs in tomato sauce👌. Served with a tomato, cucumber, cilantro salad & our delicious fries. Only 7,50...Jummy😋. See you in a bit!


Hungover and in need for something nice? All you need is Chilli Cheese Fries!👌 Fries with cheese and chili😎. We also have a vegetarian version. Only 7,50. Awesome with beer🤓 ✅All our meat is organic 🛄take-away is possible, just give us a call!


Lunchtime at Il Caffè!😏 Today we`re open for lunch, you`re welcome to try our Lebanese pork belly pita with a delicious salad and refreshing garlic yoghurt sauce! 🥙 Or try one of our other sandwiches! Starting at €4,- Need something to wake up?☕ Enjoy our delicious coffee varieties in the morning sun!🌞 See you in a bit! Lunch served till 16:30h Lunch to go? We`ll fix it! Coffee to go? Not a problem!


💪⚽️Wednesday is for sports, especially when it`s burgerwednesday. Discount on the burgers, beers on the side and we will host the return of AFC Ajax - SK Sturm Graz tonight🏆! Live and on the big screen! Tonight we even introduce our new burger: The Holy Guacamoly On a Brioche Bun with Guacamole, Cheese, Sour Cream, Pico de gallo and Nacho Crips. So no plans for tonight? Join us, enjoy one of our burgers and support Ajax!⚽ 🍔Burgers starting at 9.50 with a refreshing glass of Jupiler beer!🍺 -------------------------------------------- ✅All our meat is organic meat ⚽We are broadcasting on our big screen. 🕰️During the summer, we open at 4pm and close at 1am. 📸Follow us on instagram:


⚠️Sunday Special Alert!⚠️ 🌞These desert temperatures ask for some easy food, but easy doesn`t mean it can`t be tasteful. Check out this lovely mid eastern spiced dish!🤤 Chicken thigh slices marinated in pomegranate juice and baharat spices. We serve it on a pita with a refreshing mid eastern salad with tomato, spring onion, cucumber, lime juice and parsley. Top it off with a refreshing garlic-yoghurt mayo.🤩 Vegetarian is possible! Chicken will be replaced by falafel! Both will be served with fries! Don`t miss out this delicious special for only 7.50 euro!😱 Take away is possible! Kitchen opens at 5pm!


❤👉 Feeling like summer already? This Sunday`s special is a real classic: Fish & Chips Deepfried Redfish in beer batter, mushy peas an awesome ravigotte sauce and of course delicious fries. Only 7.50, take away is possible! ✔All our meat is organic. 🇧🇪 proud supporter of BELGIUM ⚽️ 10 July: Red Devils on the big screen


🌞 Mediterranean Feelings!🌞 Today is already wonderful! But with our special, you will experience the complete mediterranean feeling. The special: A tasting with a bulgur and goat cheese salad, some chicken legs and chakchouka! Only 7.50. Kitchen opens at 17.00h. Take away possible!


❤️🍔Burgers Wednesday: Johnny B. Goode & Russia 2018🍔❤️ The last burger wednesday where you can taste the Johnny B. Goode burger! Also, we`re broadcasting every match of the Russia 2018 Soccer World Championship on our big screen. So enjoy the matches on a comfortable couch, with a beer in your hand! 🍻🍔 All our meat is biological. Follow us at Instagram: @ilcaffeuilenstede


Wow!😗 Super Sunday Special. Today we have not a regular sunday special, but a Super Sunday Special. Tired of partying and in need for an energizer? Come by and order the `Mixed Grill` For only 7.50 we grill you a small burger, a piece of marinated chicken and a delicious jalapeño sausage. Served with home made coleslaw, fries and peanut sauce! Juicy🔥 ❗Limited portions available, only today. 🍺Try our beer of the month: Zonnegloed ✔ All our meat is biological 📤 Take-out is possible 🕰 Kitchen opens @ 17u00


Tired of partying at Open Air? Not keen on doing groceries? If no one else can help, maybe you can hire: The A-team! And the sunday special at Il Caffè. Chili-cheese-fries, also vegetarian! Only 7.50 Take-away also possible!


Wanted: Chouffy Dear abductor, We know you like our gnome friend. But we miss him. He needs a La Chouffe every hour and we are worried:(. We know who you guys are, thanks to our CCTV system and will give you an ultimatum: if we receive Chouffy back before 12h00 on monday, we will not get the police involved. After that we will hand over the images. Please, bring him home!


💕❤️🍔 Burgers & Pubquiz 🍔❤️💕-- Tonight at 21h30 we host our monthly pubquiz, come by! As usual on wednesday our burgers are in discount! Our special: `The Báhn Mì Burger` tonight, including a beer, for only 11 euro! Or choose a more simple burger with a beer for only 9,50. 🍻🍔 Follow us at Instagram: @ilcaffeuilenstede


Today`s sunday special: Fancy Fajitas The power is back on, but now it is raining. Don`t feel like cooking? Todays hangover food: Fajitas with bell-pepper, onion and chicken. For only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.


Today`s sunday special: Delicious Ramen With these temperatures it feels like Asia. So tonight our sunday special is Ramen. Noodles in a nice veggie-broth with herbs, spices and egg. Served with tofu or chicken! For only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.


💕🍔 Three reasons to visit Il Caffè 🍔💕 Sun, Sangria & Juicy Burgers! It`s beautiful weather. So today not only our burgers are in discount, but we also have SANGRIA! 🍹 For only 10 euros a pitcher! The burgers: The Magic Muhammarra is inspired on the middle-eastern dish muhammara. This spicy paste goes well with our biological Lindenhoff burger, green asparagus, red onion and fenugreek cheese. Tonight, including a beer, for only 11 euros! Or choose a more simple burger with a beer for only 9,50. Tasty!


Today`s sunday special: curry! Sweet-patato and lentils curry, served with a piece of naan bread. For only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.


Today`s sunday special: Tika Masala! Tika masala with spicy chicken or delicious tofu, served with a piece of naan bread. For only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.


- Pubquiz - Morgen is het weer zover: de tweede woensdag van de maand. Omdat Sniklaas het land uit is en het bijna kerst is, heeft deze quiz het meest voor de hand liggende thema ooit. De Il Caffè Pub Quizmass We starten ongeveer 21u30. Vanaf 17u00 is de keuken open!


Fresh menu, fresh chef, fresh Burger Wednesday! Come taste our new Burger Special, The ‘Hello Halloumi!’ with halloumi cheese, roasted pumpkin, tomato and harissa mayonaise. Pffff helloumi yeah!!